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Learn how schools across the country are using Adobe Acrobat to introduce seamless, secure workflows that are easy to create, track, and manage and save significant amounts of time and money.

Adobe Customer Stories - CSU Fullerton

6x Faster Document Processing

CSU Fullerton has used Adobe Sign for everything from admin forms to student ID cards to shorten processing times from weeks to hours and reduce paper usage by 50%.

We wanted to remove barriers for students, who spent a lot of time filling out forms and running around campus collecting signatures when they want to add or drop a class or change their major. With Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms, we simplify and streamline the whole process for students, so they can focus on their studies.
Photo of Joe Luzzi

Joe Luzzi

Assistant Vice President of IT

Empowering Creative Collaboration

Empowering Creative Collaboration

Students at India’s MIT Institute of Design rely on Adobe Acrobat to securely share projects and portfolios.

Adobe Customer Success Stories - Portland State

A Centralized E-Signature Solution

After completing an extensive analysis that incorporated over 35 evaluation criteria, Portland State chose Adobe Sign as its centralized e-signature solution over others such as DocuSign, owing to its simple interface and streamlined, sophisticated workflow capabilities.

Tulane University - Adobe Customer Story

Accelerating Medical Research

Tulane’s Medical School and Medical Center have digitized regulatory paperwork to get studies up and running faster, resulting in more patients enrolled and more life-saving drug and treatment data collected.

Adobe Acrobat DC helped us set up the forms just the way we wanted them, at which point we could seamlessly import them into Adobe Sign. We also set a precedent for how we can turn other types of student forms into digital documents that can be filled out anywhere.
Photo of Steve Spence

Steve Spence

Enterprise Application Support Manager

Eliminating Workflow Complexity

Eliminating Workflow Complexity

The University of New Mexico drives efficiency in HR, Purchasing, and the UNM Medical Group by replacing slow, paper-based workflows with simple digital experiences powered by Adobe Document Cloud.

Increasing Efficiency to Keep Tuition Affordable

Increasing Efficiency to Keep Tuition Affordable

Austin Community College is using Adobe Sign to process thousands of forms each month—from faculty onboarding and performance evaluations to study abroad applications—cutting weeks off processing time.

San Diego University - Adobe Customer Success Stories

Completing Forms 93% Faster

By implementing digital workflows with Adobe Sign, San Diego State University saves students and staff hundreds of hours on course management and onboarding.

Thousands of Documents, Zero Sheets of Paper

Thousands of Documents, Zero Sheets of Paper

Sonoma State went digital with Adobe Sign to eliminate mountains of paperwork across departments and establish a modern way of working that is faster and more secure.

IIT Madras

How IIT Madras brings efficiency and accessibility to academics with Adobe Acrobat

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is known both nationally and internationally for its innovation and academic excellence.

A More Strategic IT Approach

A More Strategic IT Approach

At Auburn, standardizing workflows with Adobe Document Cloud helps departments across campus benefit from paperless workflows, with faster turnaround times and better traceability.

Turbo-charging Alumni Giving

Turbo-charging Alumni Giving

Iowa State University Foundation organizes life-changing funding for future innovators using Adobe Sign and Microsoft solutions.

Bolstering Student Success With Digital Transformation

Bolstering Student Success With Digital Transformation

Foothill-De Anza Community College uses Adobe Document Cloud to digitize information, automate processes, and redesign staff and student experiences.

Bolstering Student Success With Digital Transformation

How Adobe is empowering students to read and learn more

Students in all fields of study spend a lot of time reading textbooks, articles, research papers, reports, and more. For modern students, this means reading digital documents, often through a universal PDF file.

Digital Transformation in Education

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